Sales Agreement Terms of Use

1. General Terms of Use of the Site and Related General Rules and Legal Responsibilities

The terms, rules, and legal responsibilities specified in the user agreement containing the terms and conditions, rules, and legal responsibilities must be read and informed before using our site. If the specified terms are not suitable for you, please do not use the site. By using the site and filling out forms containing personal information, you agree to the terms written on these pages.

2.1. Our company reserves the right to change, reorganize, and cease publication of all kinds of products and services on the site, as well as the information provided on the site, without prior notice. The changes take effect within the publication date on the site. Our company recommends users to visit the legal warning page each time they enter the site.

2.2. Privacy Policies and Usage details are open to all members and visitors of our site. Unless otherwise stated in the services provided on the site, they are free of charge. In the following cases, the site management may close or block site usage. Our company reserves its legal rights regarding organizations or individuals involved in the following attempts:

a) Recording incomplete, incorrect, irregular, and misleading information, expressions contrary to moral rules, and information inconsistent with the laws Romania on the site,

b) Unauthorized copying, in whole or in part, of the site content,

c) Any damages directly incurred by users due to sharing of usernames, password information, usage rights, with individuals or organizations determined by themselves. Users cannot access or impersonate other users' private information, such as IP addresses and email addresses, over the internet. The user accepts all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise from such usage.

d) Using software that threatens site security, prevents the correct and secure operation of the site and usage software, creates or attempts to create activities, and obtains and modifies or deletes information.

2.3. Content Usage

a) Our company owns and legally protects all materials, including the general appearance and design of this site, all information on the website, content images, its brand and different brands, icons, logos, written, electronic, graphic, and machine-readable technical data presented, computer software, applied sales system, business model, and method, including all materials and intellectual and industrial property rights in relation thereto, and reserves the right to license. No material on the website can be copied, reproduced, or translated into any other language without permission and citation, including code and software.

b) All rights to all criticisms sent to our company belong to "Sinnr Boost". They may be used by our company with marketing conditions if desired.

2.4. Responsibilities

a) All users visiting our site are tracked for better service. This information is legally used in accordance with privacy terms.

b) Users agree to comply with all notifications and announcements that will publish regarding the services in accordance with the Romania Penal Code, Romania Commercial Code, Decree-Laws regarding the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, and legal regulations and other legislation provisions while benefiting from our site services. All uses contrary to these notifications and laws are entirely the responsibility of the user.

c) Users cannot interfere with or compel other users and site visitors to use or apply obstructive and coercive actions, install and use servers or databases automatically, or use and install them. They cannot apply or implement fraud.